Gone Walkin'

by Swamp Walk

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Gone Walkin' 04:03
Tonight I'll break away With all those going nowhere Our eyes will soon be glazed This curse wont fade In your mind there is a place where you can go between True love, the lies and all the make believe As I stumble through the dark tonight Know I'm unscathed If you're wondering where I'm a wandering I've gone walkin with no intentions Of ever coming back Look away because I've gone walkin At last sight you'll see me float into a perfect tango Walk on
Swamp Walk 04:53
So you say you like it wild And you know just where to find it Well take a stroll with me through the dark I'm gonna get you high right now If you like it cold bend over If ya want it hot lay flat Let your eyes roll back and your brain unwind right now Black out you might fall over Grab your cane its time to swamp walk baby People on the street might think youre insane While you wade through the night without a thought in your brain Now there's trouble up ahead But you know its the kind I like I took a ride through the clouds And now I'm cross eyed Now I need your support To polish off this quart I'm a booze zombie with no sight right now Things will never be the same Now you've seen our swampy ways You're gonna make your mother cry Double vision for the rest of your daze
Sweaty City 04:18
This heats gone rubbed me wrong I've got wet underpants from the sweat on my dong The back end, its a swampy mess Haven't showered in a month I must confess Take me to a pool or a swimming hole Miller High Life, I've got a cooler full This heats got me outta control I can't complain at least its not cold Just wake me up when it's gone Or turn the A/C on By the time you're cooling down I'm feelin jumpin on a bike We're gonna ride the town Re-hydrate with a golden brown Joey's got a jib we're gonna smoke it down I'm sweating even in my bed Another day here we go again I live this summer hell If you see Satan tell em' that I wish em" well We look forward to it every year Then stay away in fear
There's a few spots in this town Where you can go if you wanna Get down on some shit that will make you fly Now you become the couch seat Burn your eyes out on the tube Thankful I don't have to work til' noon Turn me on and turn me loose Gimme more of this brain abuse Turn me on and turn me loose No pain just the same old folks
Afterlife 02:42
Take a drink Or save your soul Either way you lack total control Though one Not the other Will really show you what it's like Afterlife All the horrors of your death Can't compare to the life you've got left So why waste all your time Praising a god for the Afterlife Look here Listen Mister Let me say what they don't want you to hear Enjoy what's left What's burned you can't get back So why waste all your time Smoke it all til' the day you die Or you can sacrifice Everything for the Afterlife Break through The life that they lead for you Let go And see right through it all You're the one that makes the decision Now is the time for your Afterlife
There comes a day when everything just seems to fade Away with memories replaced by bitter enemies Your liberty is bleak or so some may say Beyond the darkness is the light to freedom's way Don't let em' get ya Swine feast in your brain now Don't let em' get ya Mind Patrol Don't let em' get ya Silent sirens calling I don't know if I can make it back again But I know I'm done if I give up Taking all this time should make things easy Now I'm doin' time with my eyes shut Sentenced to a life of worry
Green Peace 03:16
Layin' rubber to the streets Out beyond the city lights Getting lost among the trees I hear them calling me A flash lights up the sky Beam me up I'm not afraid to die Let's light up Take me to the stars The ship has made crazy Will anyone believe me And now I wonder if I'm over my head I don't remember many things that they said But one held out his hand said "Take this with and show your friends just how high you can get" Saying prayers lead me nowhere The real answers come from beyond the skies
Enough safe I'm jumping over Across the fire Through a moat of chocolate lava I come to I've got sticky fingers I lost my mind when she came And offered some more My eyes turned a deep shade of hot cocoa When she showed me where we were to go Fondue fountain billowing a sweet haze Caramel wave smooth ride through the Milky Way And I won't give it all away Now I can really taste you I can feel your sweet sensation In my veins To quench a thirst You've got to climb a mountain Do what you can to tickle that sweet tooth Go buy in bulk don't waste your time on a freeze case You and a friend can be taken to a new place It goes great when you're out on a date Or when you're looking for a way to communicate Or when the chocolate gets the best of you You'll lose control and you'll have about four more I can't lose When I'm with you At the Sweet Spot baby And I'll never let you go
Through the black mist You can only see A pale vision of fantasy Dimming daily but still getting by Forsaken to the darkness of the night sky And he's been away for so long But you still remember his song The long rode to eternity Written in the sky There goes the Whistler The only way to liberty Stare into his eyes He is the Journeyman Has there been a time Since the days you were young When you dreamt of a way to reach the sun Now you've aged Beyond all imagination And there's nowhere left to run (There is a man no one understands Alone but free to roam the land Leaving his vision of love and life Answering those who cry in the night Take his words and hear his song His sight is clear his heart is strong You'll know he's near by the tune in your ear)


After years submerged beneath the surface the first full length album rises to the light. Physical release coming soon/never


released September 3, 2018

Recorded January 2014 with additions and edits done through July 2016 at Archetype Recordings in Omaha, NE with Bryce Hotz Engineering. Bryce also contributes a guitar solo at the end of "the Sweet Spot" and "Journeyman". Alex Kinnerk played bass guitar and also contributed a guitar solo at the end of "Journeyman". Duane J. Bill performed the percussion and was the artist behind the album cover. Aaron Broveak played lead guitar and synthesizers and also sang lead vocals. Mastering by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios in N. Amherst, MA.


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Swamp Walk Omaha, Nebraska

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